SAT Notice: Please bring your own laptop and have Bluebook ready to use. Check and test Bluebook a day before to make sure it works. Must present official ID with English name or passport (name must match admission ticket)

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At PAS Admissions, we are excited to meet with parents who want to make a difference in their children’s education. We’d love to tell you more about our education philosophy and invite you to visit our campus. PAS has produced many outstanding alums in the fields of engineering, banking, biomed, biotech, design, architecture, music, political science, culinary arts, marketing communications, consulting, business, hospitality and beyond. We are always thrilled to host their return visit to speak with and inspire the aspiring college-bound juniors and seniors.

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Admissions Criteria

At PAS, admissions decisions are based on a review of each candidate’s demonstrated academic achievement, developmental, social, and behavioral background as well as English language proficiency. Alignment in values and expectations between family and school is also considered.

A completed application does not equate automatic placement. Priority consideration is given to U.S. or second passport holders and those with stronger academic English proficiency. PAS also base its admissions decisions on the balance of English language learners to that of native English speakers to maintain its core quality as an all-English speaking international school.

Interviews are an integral part of the application review process. That said, an interview is not a guarantee of admission.

In addition, students applying to Pacific American School must meet the following eligibility criteria.

Grade 1-2

  • Foundational English recommended
  • Possible ESL testing for English language learners (Grade 1-2)

Grade 3 -5

  • Standardized ERB test will be administered (fees apply)
  • Possible ESL testing for students whose primary language is not English

Grade 6-10

  • Standardized ERB test will be administered (fees apply)
  • Possible ESL testing for students whose primary language is not English

Grade 11-12

  • Must be English proficient
  • Once students gain admission to PAS, Advanced Placement programs have GPA and/or school prerequisite requirements. The AP is available to all eligible Grade 9 and 12 students enrolled at PAS.

English Proficiency

While PAS prefers students with some to adequate understanding of English, our admissions committee will make that determination upon meeting with the candidate. Non-native English-speaking candidates may be given an additional English test to determine if ESL support is required. If admitted and such support is found to be necessary, additional fees will apply.

Tuition & Fees

Please note: A late payment penalty of 2% will be assessed on any school fee payment that is overdue. 

Enrollment after classes begin If a student enrolls within the first four calendar weeks of any semester, all fees must be paid in full. If a student enrolls after the first four calendar weeks of any semester, the tuition, ESL fee, boarding fee and lunch fee will be calculated based on the number of weeks a student will attend; all other required fees must be paid in full.

Refund Policy

1. Withdrawal notification before July 15 th / Dec.15 th , there is 100% refund on
tuition, ESL , boarding and lunch.
2. Withdrawal notification from July 15 th / Dec.15 th to four weeks after school
starts, 50% of tuition, ESL , boarding and lunch can be refunded.
3. Withdrawal notification after four weeks school starts, there is no refund.


Required and Nonrefundable Fees Per Year
Registration Fee: per child NT$ 50,000
Student Accident Insurance Fee: per child NT$ 800
Parent association member fee : per family NT$ 1,000
Required and Nonrefundable Fees Per Year
Capital Fee: per child NT$ 90,000
Facility & Technology NT$ 55,000
Required Tuition and Fees Per Semester
Grade 1 – 5 NT$ 295,600
Grade 6 – 12 NT$ 364,500
ESL Fee (as applicable) Per Semester
Grade 1 – 5 NT$ 70,000
Grade 6 – 12 NT$ 80,000
Boarding Fees Per Semester (for boarding students only)
Dormitory & Meal Service NT$ 150,000
First Time Application Fee NT$ 100,000
Other Fees  (Other miscellaneous fees are charged according to the actual needs of students)
Textbooks fees vary by different grade levels.
Standardized testing fees vary by different tests
Optional Fees Per Year
Lunch (Grade 1 – 5) NT$ 20,000
Lunch (Grade 6 – 12) NT$ 30,000
Entrance Testing Fee
Testing Fee: SLEP test/ ERB test NT$4,000/5,500
Transportation Fees: Door to Door Service (pay directly to the transportation company)
Round Trip / One-way: Hsinchu City NT$ 25,000 /NT$ 15,000
Round Trip / One-way: Zhubei City NT$ 20,000 /NT$ 10,000

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