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A different kind of learning experience



As the leading American school in Hsinchu, Pacific American School (PAS), understands the importance of building a solid academic foundation through a comprehensive and robust curriculum that adheres to the American National Standards. In order to equip our students with the necessary skills to progress successfully into the future, we have integrated teaching skills and strategies to cultivate Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Self-expression. We not only build these necessary characteristics through our academic curriculum, but also through an array of innovative activities and events.

While a homeroom teacher covers most of the subjects in our lower elementary classrooms, as the children progress into upper elementary grades and beyond, specialized teachers teach core classes, including English, Social Studies, and Science. Additionally, we also have specialized teachers teaching Art, Computer, Music, Chinese, and Physical Education. Our teachers collaborate closely to integrate their curricula, extending sciences and reading activities to subjects like Art and Computer. Club activities are offered twice a week, and include sports, board games, Lego, robotics, a How-to, Junior Percussion, Arts Fun, and cooking, etc. Swimming lessons are arranged during the warmer months of the school year with professional coaches. During the colder months, we have percussion or library hours.

At PAS, we believe that learning is not simply reading off a textbook, but to integrate it with creative hands-on activities to make learning a memorable experience. Field trips to science and astrological museums, Baby Boss, Glass Museum and other in-school events, such as Geography Bee, Spelling Bee, Science/Math Fair all contribute to making learning fun and experimental. The compactness of the school community allows the elementary students ample opportunities to interact with and learn from older students through school-wide activities, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Performance, Talent show…etc.

ESL enrichment classes are also available for students if necessary, after teacher evaluation. Due to our low student-to-teacher ratio, each student receives ample attention in regard to both his/her academic and psychological development. Students are taught to be punctual, responsible, proactive, and confident while participating in or out of class. Active participation through in-class discussions and dialogue, projects, and presentations are all a part of our students’ regular training and assessment.

At PAS, we look to discover diverse strengths within our students, and nurture those abilities.

2024 Pacific american school

Open House


Time: 14:00 - 16:00
Location: Pacific American School

2021 Open House

Dates 日期: 

2/6, 3/13, 4/10, 5/15, 6/5

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