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Our Story


PAS is a school founded on love, specifically a parent’s love for her children. 15 years ago, Pamela Chu was confronted with a dilemma. Like all parents, she wanted the best education for her children, but the available models in mainstream education, both public and private, were simply not enough. She wanted something more, something that would equip her children with a modern toolkit that their future demands.

With that, Pamela began researching on the most progressive pedagogies in education. She personally curated the curriculum and began homeschooling them. Gradually, other parents began expressing their wish to “join the cause”. This led to Pamela’s decision to embrace more students. Unbeknownst to her, that crucial first step to take her children out of the “system” ultimately led to PAS’ journey in becoming the unique international school that it is today.

Our Mission & Vision

At PAS, we believe students can reach their full potential if they’re inspired and challenged to take on a path that is uniquely their own. We believe students would be better served if we focused on an education that gives them the tools and not the solutions. We believe teachers are facilitators rather than providers of knowledge. Having sent thousands of students to renowned colleges and universities of their choice, we are privileged to see our alums blossom in diverse fields all over the world. PAS has been the right choice for countless that came before and we hope it is the right choice for you.

Message from the
Head of School

With the world changing at an incredibly unimaginable speed, our education system seems to not be able to catch up with this acceleration at all. With the coming of the industry 4.0 era where 50% of the work will be replaced by AI and Robots, students of the next generation will be heavily challenged to compete with machines.

The traditional content-based curriculum can no longer cater to the needs of the real world. Instead, project and skill-based learning along with technology and research skills will dominate the future world of education. In line with the technological hub of Hsinchu, Pacific American School (PAS) has begun to meet this challenge by implementing interdisciplinary projects and skill-based learning targeted to solve real-world problems and further integrate design thinking into our curriculum. While cloud technology and service is a definite reality for our next generation of children, PAS has jump-started the education revolution in Taiwan by implementing innovative educational practices.

We have successfully created several coding, data modeling, and robotics courses for our students while advocating a different variety of courses to fulfill the different industries that will come along with the industry. Education has to be diversified to create opportunities for the skill sets needed in different industries rather than traditionally favored professions.

With over 100 classes offered, students at PAS are encouraged to follow their hearts in every crossroad of their lives and every critical phase of decision making, since passion is the driving force behind all decisions, without which any learning and pursuit will not make sense. Passion serves as the energy that keeps PAS and our students going. It is a powerful force supporting us to accomplish tasks our hearts are set to do; it gives our life meaning, happiness, excitement, anticipation, and also possibilities to the fullest extent.

Through many years of dedicated involvement with education, I have formed my belief in this new practice. I believe in creating hands-on opportunities for students; I believe in helping students develop skills needed in the professional world of the 21st century; I believe that effective learning lies in an interdisciplinary approach with technology. While the world rapidly moves ahead into a new realm, education has to change to cater to those needs so that our next generation will not be challenged and replaced by AI machines.

While our students have been equipped with the skills needed in any phase of their life pursuit, they will have to continue to embrace changes and conquer challenges, using the tools they have acquired at our American school. Hence, no matter what the obstacle will be ahead, they will always handle these obstacles with their creative minds and useful tools.

At PAS, all students are encouraged to pay attention and stay aware of what is happening in our world, whether it is new technological development, social and political movements, international relations, economic advancement, in the design and fashion industry or the hospitality field. They are also encouraged to dream big, apply their creative minds and entrepreneurial spirit, to create and implement new ideas and perspectives so that they can always stand high in this highly competitive and fast-changing world of today.

Head of Pacific American School

Pamela Chu

Our Campus

PAS is situated in Zhubei City at the heart of Hsinchu County in Taiwan. Hsinchu is famed for its development and manufacturing of the most advanced semiconductor chips in the world. The campus sits on 3 hectares of prime real estate overlooking the Touqian River. We built our state-of-the-art facilities to accommodate children of the expatriate community. The signature purpose-built atrium is ultra-voluminous and serves as a multi-function space where many tournaments, competitions and events such as the VEX robotics championships takes place. The campus also boasts a performing arts auditorium, media center, art gallery, science/bio/chemistry labs, recording studio, dance studio, culinary studio, makerspace, a large outdoor multi-sports field and even a greenhouse where students learn to grow hydroponic fruits and vegetables. PAS is a green campus and features Taiwan’s only upcycling center where students recycle waste plastic and turn them into works of art or functional products.

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