Message From the Head of School

With the world changing at an incredibly rapid speed we wouldn’t have been able to imagine, our education system seems not able to catch up with this acceleration at all. With this coming of the industry 4.0 era where 50% of the work will be replaced by AIs and Robots, students of the next generation will be heavily challenged to compete with machines and to be replaced by AIs. Traditional content-based curriculum can no longer cater for the needs of the real world. Instead, the project and skill based learning along with technology and research skills will dominate the future world of education. PAS has begun to meet this challenge by implementing interdisciplinary project and skill based learning, targeting to solve the real-world problem and further integrating design thinking, into our curriculum. While cloud technology and service is a definite reality to our next generation of children, PAS has begun the education revolution by implementing new education practice.

With the big data, cloud technology, AI, and cloud service as the future mainstream, education also has to adjust its practice to equip next generation of the children with the skills needed in that world. PAS has successfully created several coding, data modeling, and robotics courses for our students while advocating different variety of courses to fulfill the different industries that will come along with the industry 4.0. Education has to be diversified in order to create opportunities for the skill sets needed in different industries other than traditionally favored profession, such as service, design, tourism, and e-commerce.

With the rapidly changing nature of the real world needs, students at PAS are encouraged to follow their hearts in every crossroad of their lives and in every decision making at critical phase of their professional pursuit since it is the driving force behind all the involvements and decisions, without which any learning and pursuit will not make sense. Passion serves as the energy that keeps us going and a powerful force supporting us to accomplish tasks our hearts set to. It gives our life meaning, happiness, excitement, and anticipation and also gives us possibilities at the fullest extent. At the end of the day, people who are happy are those who have devoted themselves to what their hearts care about.

Through many years of dedicated involvement with education, I have formed my belief in the new practice. I believe in creating the hands-on opportunities for students; I believe in developing skills needed in the professional world of the 21st century in students; I believe that the effective learning lies in the interdisciplinary approach with technology implemented along. While the world rapidly moves ahead into a world where a lot of human work will be replaced by machines and AIs, education has to change to cater for that needs so our next generation will not be challenged and replaced by machines. I have learned so much from the world and will continue to learn about the revolution we will experience in the future.

While our students have been equipped with the skills needed in any phase of life pursuit, they will have to continue to meet the challenge with the tools they have possessed so that they can be used for innovation and creation while refining and polishing the learned skills. Hence, no matter what the obstacle will be ahead, they can always handle the challenge with their creative minds and useful tools.

At PAS, all the students are encouraged to always pay attention to what is going on in our world, whether it is technology development and applications, social and political movements, economic advancement, in the design and fashion industry or in the hospitality field. They are also encouraged to have the creative mind and the entrepreneurial spirit, ready for the creation and the implementation of new ideas and perspectives so that they can always stand high in this highly competitive and rapidly changing world of today.

Head of School

Pamela Chu


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