Have fun and learn a lot with us! Kids will get daily academics, art, science project and recreations. Field trip and special events are also included in the program. 

Time & Date

Summer 2019 July 1- July26 (4 weeks) Monday- Friday 8:30a.m.- 3:30p.m.

Who is this for?

Students from Grade 1-6

For more information

Please call 03-558-6688 #822 for Nathalie

2019 College Admissions

Open House 2019

We will be having open house from 2pm-4pm on the following dates:

April 27 May 4 May 18 June 1

Over 100 Innovative Classes Offered

Pacific American School provides a diversity of innovative classes from Kindergarten to High school. We currently offer 25 AP courses, with AP Seminar and AP Research added to the academic spectrum to prepare our students for advanced challenges internationally, while providing 64 regular classes18 honor classes10 advanced honor classes, which are at college-level, to nurture different potentials.

Exclusive programs we offer

Following the technological wave that has swept Hsinchu, Pacific American School takes students into the world of AI and technology. Our school centers our education practices on project-based learning to develop skills on research, critical thinking, communication, presentation, teamwork, and leadership, creating future leaders and entrepreneurs that fulfill the needs of the 21st century. Our curriculum includes newly designed courses that utilizes a smart campus, STEAM and Design Thinking.

Student’s Life & Activities 

PAS students have numerous opportunities to enhance their personal growth through participation in many clubs and activities, in the areas of art, athletics, music, academic and community service. In Elementary, clubs are held twice a week, and led by teachers who offer activities of their own passion. Middle school and High school students participate in a wide variety of clubs, including Sci-Fi Club, Strategies of Chess, Mandarin Conversation, Reading Club, Yearbook, Rock Band, Cheerleading, Musical, Manga and Anime Club, School Newsletter, and Interact Club.

Others more academically related are the MUN and Debate club. Students work to refine their presentation and debating skills, with the aim of participating in Taiwan inter-schools or international conferences and competitions.


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