Desired qualifications for Instructional Positions include:


  • National/State Educator Certification (not ESL certification exclusively)
  • An advanced degree is a plus for elementary school teachers.
  • An advanced degree is a requirement (a prerequisite) for secondary school teachers.
  • Extensive teaching experience is required at a school/international school with an American curriculum.
  • Experience with project-based learning (PBL) integrated instruction
  • Knowledge of implementing technology instruction and G-Suite applications
  • Well versed with an American curriculum, standards and benchmarks, and development of unit plans   
  • English as the native language or a fully proficient language
  • Other extracurricular specialty and being able to assist with running school clubs/ after school activities
  • Ability to collaborate with others in professional development and accreditation processes
  • Is positive, enthusiastic, flexible

Competitive teacher salary and benefit package. If interested, please submit resumes, references, photo to: Ms. Pamela Chu, Head of School, and Jane Wang, the Human Resources Head, at .


Candidates will be contacted for an interview (in person or via the Skype) and asked to finish a questionnaire. If necessary a 20-30-minute demonstration lesson in a content area may be requested.


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