Student Life

Student Life

Model United Nations

The Model United Nations program remains very strong  and successful,  and has  expanded participation down to the middle school  level.  Students  are identified  and  encouraged  to  attend  the  MUN  mock  debate  club  after  school  on  campus,  and  to participate in inter‐school conferences nationally and internationally.

High School Musical

As part of the school’s curriculum and extra-curricular activity, HS students participate in the school’s annual Musical Production, which involves a large part of the student body in some aspect of the project such as orchestra, stage art production, acting, dancing, and promotion.

Sports Team

PAS school sports teams include: basketball, tennis, badminton, cheerleading, table tennis, track and field, and swimming. The teams practice 2-3 times a week after school, from 3:30 – 5:00 pm. The school hires professional training coaches for the teams, and provides buses to shuttle the school teams to appropriate training centers and practice courts. These teams participate in inter-school competitions with funding by the school.

Typhoon Times

The Typhoon Times is a school newsletter written, edited, and designed by the students of Pacific American School for the enjoyment of students, faculty and even our parents. Published bi-monthly, the newsletter features articles on school events, tips for students, sneak-peaks, opinion pieces, and dozens of photographs representing both our student body and our faculty members. Though the newsletter was originally physically printed, the Typhoon Times took on a more environmentally friendly approach on par with the rest of the school, and last year, began to upload the issues online instead. The team behind the Typhoon Times isn’t large, consisting of a close-knit group of around 10 members, with each contributing with their own sets of skills, whether it be writing, photography, or layout. With a new school year coming, the Typhoon Times team hopes to continue producing engaging content for the entire school!!








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