Student Life


The PAS Musical Production is one of the biggest event in this school which stretches through the entire year. The production involves four large groups of students, actors, stage design, costume, and orchestra. Where sometimes the number goes up to more than one hundred kids, in other words, the teamwork on making the final show runs smoothly is very challenging. Since 2010, we’ve performed 2010-Into the Woods Jr., 2011-Guys and Dolls Jr., 2012-Wizard of Oz, 2013-High School Musical Disney, 2014-Joseph and the Amazing Technique Colored Dreamcoat, 2015-Into the Woods, 2016-Peter Pan, and 2017-Grease.Having this program has benefit our students in so many ways…
1.Self-Confidence: By performing in front audience the student get the confidence to trust on his own ideas and abilities. This will be applied to his life, career and school.
2.Imagination: Thinking out of the box, and interpreting familiar material in new ways.
3.Empathy: Acting in a roles for different situations, time periods, and different cultures promotes compassion and it develops tolerance for others’ feelings and viewpoints.
4.Collaboration: It combines the new ideas and abilities of its participants. This cooperative learning includes discussing, sharing, negotiating, rehearsing, and performing.
5.Concentration: Performing in a play develops a constant focus of mind, body, and voice, which also helps in life and in school subjects.
6.Communication Skills: In a play a student enhances verbal and nonverbal expression of ideas. It also improves voice projection, articulation of words, and fluency with language.
7.Emotional Outlet: In the play the student is allowed to express a range of emotions. Sadness, aggression and tension are released in a safe, controlled environment, reducing antisocial behaviours. 8.Relaxation: Theatre activities reduce stress by releasing mental, physical, and emotional tension.

Model United Nation (MUN) is a program PAS offers to foster students’ leadership. Through MUN program, students’ critical thinking skills are sharpened, speech and debate ability is enhanced, leadership is developed, and global issues and events are discussed. Model United Nations is one of the premier programs in PAS’s secondary school co-curricular activities. MUN at PAS is made up of 2 main components, introductory classes at the Middle School and High School level, and a formal club in the High School. The MUN calendar at PAS begins immediately in the first week of school. Interested students attend meetings weekly, usually on Thursday afternoons, for approximately 90 minutes. In the introductory classes, students are trained by experienced teachers in MUN to develop the skills in researching and understanding global issues, thinking critically to formulate ideas about how to solve those issues, debating those ideas in a formal setting. In the after school club, older, more veteran participants, and the student leadership (chosen by the previous student leadership in the previous academic year) refresh participants skills in the areas before jumping straight into mock debates to prepare for a series of conferences both within and outside Taiwan. PAS MUN students are selected based on experience and ability for participation at the appropriate level during the course of the academic year. PAS students have been to many MUN conferences domestically and internationally, such as THIMUN the Hague, THIMUN Singapore, BEIMUN in Beijing, CISSMUN in Shanghai, NAIMUN in Washington DC, NHSMUN in New York, GEMUN in Genova, SPIMUN in St. Pertersburg as well as TAIMUN, HSINMUN, TASMUN, and PASMUN in Taiwan. Under the umbrella of the THIMUN Foundation, these conferences are among the largest and most prestigious MUN conferences in the world, attended by hundreds of schools and thousands of students. PAS veteran MUN participating students frequently serve as student officers in a variety of MUN conferences nationally and globally. Middle school MUN students will have chances to attend a local MUN conference as a capstone exercise to their introductory MUN class and experience. All students participate in a final, in-school MUN conference, bringing all of these levels together in June, as our school’s MUN finale in PASMUN. MUN is an outstanding activity for developing student leadership, understanding of world issues, and critical thinking skills. It is THE premier global program for establish the leaders of the future. As former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan stated during a visit to the THIMUN closing ceremonies in The Hague in 2002, The fact that THIMUN exists to uphold the ideals of the United Nations among the young is particularly important since it is from the young that we should draw our energy and inspiration as we strive to make the United Nations effective and responsive to the needs of the people worldwide.”