Pacific American School welcomes applications for grades 1 through 5 in our Elementary School, for grades 6 through 8 in our Middle School, as well as for grades 9 through 12 in our High School. A non-ROC passport is required for registration. The Admission team seeks candidates who are ready and willing to contribute to our dynamic learning experience and take academic and extra-curricular challenges. The School is committed to bringing in students with motivation and spirit to contribute to our school community. Admission decisions are made on the basis of a candidate’s individual strengths and talents, on the potential to be successful, and on the ability to contribute positively to the School community. The Admission Committee carefully considers a student’s application, his/her school record and testing performance.

To start the application process, please apply online HERE. As soon as we receive the application, admission testing will be arranged and you will be notified by phone or email.


You are welcome to come for an interview either before or after you complete the application form. While here for an interview, we encourage you to take a tour of the School. Seeing Pacific American School students and faculty in action will encourage you to make a positive decision regarding attending the school.


For students applying to Pacific American School, a copy of standardized test results from the previous school is needed in addition to transcripts. All candidates who speak a first language other than English will be given a test to assess language proficiency. Test results will be reported to parents by either email or phone.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call our Admissions Office at (03) 558-6688 #825, 0989-762-121, or email

Required and Nonrefundable Fees Per Year
Registration Fee: per childNT$ 50,000
Student Accident Insurance Fee: per childNT$ 800
Parent association member fee : per familyNT$ 1,000
Required and Nonrefundable Fees Per Semester
Capital Fee: per childNT$ 45,000
Facility & TechnologyNT$ 20,000
Required Tuition and Fees Per Semester
Grade K – 5NT$ 259,000
Grade 6 – 12NT$ 319,000
ESL Fee (as applicable) Per Semester
Grade 1 – 5NT$ 70,000
Grade 6 – 12NT$ 80,000
Boarding Fees Per Semester (for boarding students only)
Dormitory & Meal ServiceNT$ 140,000
Other Fees
First Time Application FeeNT$ 100,000
Textbooks fees vary by different grade levels.
Standardized testing fees vary by different tests
Optional Fees Per Semester
Lunch (Grade 1 – 5)NT$ 9,000
Lunch (Grade 6 – 12)NT$ 11,500
Entrance Testing Fee
Testing Fee: SLEP test/ ERB testNT$4,000/5,000
Transportation Fees: Door to Door Service (pay directly to the transportation company)
Round Trip / One-way: Hsinchu CityNT$ 25,000 /NT$ 15,000
Round Trip / One-way: Zhubei CityNT$ 20,000 /NT$ 10,000

Please note: A late payment penalty of 2% will be assessed on any school fee payment that is overdue. 

Enrollment after classes begin If a student enrolls within the first four calendar weeks of any semester, all fees must be paid in full. If a student enrolls after the first four calendar weeks of any semester, the tuition, ESL fee, boarding fee and lunch fee will be calculated based on the number of weeks a student will attend; all other required fees must be paid in full.

Refund Policy If a student withdraws voluntarily or is withdrawn during the first four (4) weeks of either semester, 50% of the student’s tuition and boarding fee (if applicable) will be refunded. No refund will be granted for students who withdraw voluntarily or are withdrawn after the fourth week of either semester70