Welcome to Introduction to Robotics! This is a project oriented course in which students will learn how to design and build robots for solving real life problems. The tools we will be using is the LEGO Mindstorm kit and the engineering design process. This course integrates Math, Physics, and Computer Programming in a fun and engaging way. Students will recognize the critical role that robotics has played in modern society and identify the major development in the field. Students will learn how to device and implement the algorithms that control adequately a robot with the purpose of solving a real life problem. Students will also learn how to provide the robot with information about its environment using sensors and how to react using actuators. Students will apply and reinforce their knowledge of simple machines to design and implement power transmission and geared systems. Students will also explore wireless communication between robots, locomotion systems, manipulation mechanisms, basic artificial intelligence for robots, and fundamental design of electronic circuits. The projects enclosed within the course will gradually present the students with increasing complexity of mechanics, algorithms, and electronics systems and will prompt students to look for solutions to real life problems in fields such as biology and engineering. Students will find useful ideas for designing their robots by observing nature. Students will also collaborate in teams to achieve their project’s objectives and fulfill the different roles available: builder, programmer, and designer. The course also makes especial emphasis applying the engineering design process and quality documentation that will allow faithfully replication of results.


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