Entrepreneurship Program

Interested in starting your own company? Working in venture capital? Consulting for new businesses? You are in the right place. The Entrepreneurship Program exposes students to entrepreneurship management and aims to teach them how to build successful businesses.

Design Thinking

While Design Thinking has been implemented by large corporation and government agencies in the professional world, starting from 2016-17 school year, PAS also started Design Thinking in one of our AP Seminar courses, Shaping the Future. We strive to integrate Design Thinking into our school curriculum to benefit our students from elementary to high school, high school as the priority, over the coming years, through which students will be equipped with the problem solving skills needed in the real world issues.

Innovator’s Space

The secret to learning success is to cultivate students’ passions. Students are highly motivated when they are allowed to work on projects that they are truly interested in. It is in these instances that deep learning occurs. At PAS, we realize the necessity to cultivate this type of learning culture in education, and firmly believe that this is the way to build deep learning in our students.


The projects enclosed within the course will gradually present the students with the increasing complexity of mechanics, algorithms, and electronics systems, and will prompt students to look for solutions to real-life problems in fields such as biology and engineering. Students will find useful ideas for designing their robots by observing their surrounding environment.


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