Starbucks & Architect's visit

It is such an honor to have Mr. Chueng Chu visit PAS! Mr. Chu is an architect, an artist, and also an educator. Although Mr. Chu is over 80 years old, he is still passionate about art. We are so touched that he even brought the album of his art works and shared the stories with us. In the session, I talked about my vision of education, as well as the plan of PAS Innovation and Design Center. Mr.Chu is very happy to work with our school and play with the creativity with our students. We look forward to having Mr. Chu come back to PAS in the coming school year for a series of artistic workshops with our students.

歡迎建築師/藝術家/教育家朱鈞Chu Chueng老師蒞臨本校!朱大師雖年過八十,仍保有年輕人般的熱情!他還帶著自己的作品相簿,與我們分享在一張張照片中的故事。


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