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The scene: an early Saturday in November. The day started ominously, with gray skies and stormy weather looming overhead; students and teachers alike reminded to bring their red school hoody, a rain jacket, and a positive attitude to PAS’ annual Fall Festival program. However, soon after the clouds dispelled, a ray of hope struck through the PAS community. Groups were formed, team spirit alighted, and soon the red hoodies were dispersed throughout park.Each group was assigned a different order of obstacles to overcome, the winner being the team that completed the task the fastest. The groups were led by Activity Organizers and Team Leaders; their makeup was demographically diverse- all range of grades were present, allowing students a chance to build relationships with all members of their school community.

After an adventurous morning of sport, all students, teachers, staff, and participating family members (and even some pets!) met on campus. A wide array of food, snack, and beverage was sold by various student providers. Clubs and sports teams were able to raise necessary funds, and everyone had a chance to sample a range of delicacies (including homemade churros, burritos, and chocolate brownies). Overall the event was a huge success, and another season went by with a happy, full, and grateful PAS community coming together in celebration.