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Earlier this year, PAS middle school and elementary (G3-G5) students journeyed to Camp Taiwan for two fun-filled days of fun and adventure. Students and teachers braved the pouring rain to enjoy the thrilling activities that Camp Taiwan has to offer.


All participants had a great time tie-dying t-shirts, and some teams even took this craft as an opportunity to create team names and slogans to demonstrate their true camp spirit. They also got to show off their balancing skills on the slack line and join an archery competition, where the Camp Taiwan staff did an amazing job energizing and motivating the kids to enjoy the outdoors despite the wind and rain. Cooperative games gave students a chance to work together and develop their communication skills as they completed challenging tasks as a team. It was fantastic to see that what started out as a seemingly impossible mission became doable as the students brainstormed and problem-solved together, and ultimately succeeded in every game.A few teams had the good fortune to experience the more exhilarating activities of Camp Taiwan, including the giant swing and rock climbing, when the rain let up for a bit. However, the groups who weren’t quite so lucky in terms of the weather still had a great time with the alternative activities that Camp Taiwan staff had prepared. One event that proved to be a favorite among all the groups was the zipline, which one Camp Taiwan employee insisted was even more intense and exciting in the rain. Students truly had the opportunity to challenge themselves to leave their comfort zones and build their confidence during these potentially nerve-wracking activities. Many kids surprised themselves with how brave they were able to be with the support of their friends.

For many students, the highlight of the trip was the evening campfire, where they watched hilarious skits, sang  silly songs, and ate plenty of smores. This was a perfect way to end an exciting day at camp. Best of all, PAS students kept up a cheerful and positive attitude despite the challenge of the weather.