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It was time for the yearly PAS bike ride. On Friday, January 8th, 2016, hundreds of red sweaters would have been seen cruising down the Hsinchu sea front. It wasn’t the abysmal Hsinchu weather with its eternal threat of rain that put pay to this much loved event; it was the tireless wheels of progress. The Nanliao Biking Route entrance was, and probably still is, under construction. Disaster?

s1 s2The eagerly awaited results were in. Would the student body decide to stay indoors or brave the extreme outdoors and walk / run a shorter route instead?

Friday afternoon, everyone piled onto the buses, heads were counted, and we were off. There had been a change in weather; the grey sky was there, but no rain! Miss Sherry led the surge of students towards the path. The sea of red sweaters slowly spread out. Students had their phones at the ready, never knowing when the perfect selfie would present itself.

That’s right, this wasn’t just a leisurely stroll, was a serious, competitive event. No PAS activity would be complete without selfies, but this time it was different, this time the selfies would be judged and a winner announced!
None of this could have happened safely without the brave office staff and teachers who volunteered to stand seemingly motionless, but ever watchful, at fixed points along the route. A special thank you has to go out to those handing out Snickers at the end of the course.

And the winning selfie, taken by selfie expert Tiffany Chen is…