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2015 PAS Christmas Performance

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Carl Johnson, dressed up as Darth Vader and Jeff Buscher, dressed up as Yoda, hosted the 2015 PAS Christmas Performance. They were nervously funny and shared amusing childhood memories in between performances and raffle drawings. Pamela Chu even partook in the festivities by digging deep down in the pile of raffle tickets for the next lucky winner. If you weren’t feeling so lucky, you still had your chance to sit on Santa’s lap and snap some pictures and tell Jolly Old Saint Nicholas your Christmas list, before he returned back up north


The Christmas Performance was full of excitement from all grades showing off their unique talents. The Elementary stole our hearts with their dancing and cute little monster costumes. Grade 6 competed in a dance off between the sexes, after Sherry finished yelling at them to finish their homework. Grade 8 mesmerized the crowd with their freestyle hip hop fancy footwork, slides, kicks, and crotch grabs. In between dance routines, the Jimmy Fallon Show presented Miley Cyrus, spread out on a couch licking a hammer and teaching the host of the Night Show how to grind his booty, which led to the host’s fatal heart attack. Grade 9 gyrated, dime stopped, glided, and freaked out to pop, hip hop and electronic music. Grade 10 energized the audience with their nostalgic Rock and Roll Through the Ages performance.


PAS clubs also took part in demonstrating their strengths. The cheerleaders choreographed dance steps and cheers and chants, basket tosses through the air, flyers, jumpers, pirouettes, pyramids, tumbling, jumping, splits, twirls, spins, and somersaults. The audience came alive clapping and waving their arms in the air when the Rock Band jammed out,with two tunes, one in  Chinese 聽見下雨的聲音 Tīngjiàn xià yǔ de shēngyīn and the other in English, Drag Me Down. The Folk Music Club enlightened our knowledge and enthusiasm of world music by strumming and fingerpicking guitars and singing a song from Buena Vista Social Club.


The office staff surprised us all, swimming out on stage in their bikinis and muscles flexed, showing off their delicate synchronized routines with sculpted bodies, until, out of nowhere, a shark took out Swim Master Frank. Quick to the rescue, Baywatch Beauty, Carol gave Frank CPR. No response from Frank, Lifeguard Carol was ready and willing to pucker up and give Mister Frank mouth-to-mouth, from out of nowhere, Frank raised up and ran away.

The Christmas Performance ended with the audience laughing and crying with Grade 12’s realistic portrayal of the chief, Pamela, hunched over yelling and screaming at seniors for their pathetic academic abilities, while all things SAT, Mr. Louis stumbled and fumbled giving out instructions. A great performance from all and to all a good night!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!