hollowBlack lights and bloody, severed limbs greeted students as they entered PAS on Halloween morning. Excitement filled the air as morning classes came to an end, and students began getting ready for the annual school costume contest. A panel of judges sat at the end of a long red carpet as students showed off all manners of cute and creepy costumes. Ninjas, Pacmen, princesses, zombies, and pieces of sushi mingled and chatted while waiting for their turn to walk the red carpet. Students and teachers alike strutted their stuff, while onlookers cheered for their favorite costumes.

hollow1After the costume contest, students participated in games organized by the Student Council, as well as a haunted house. The Student Council even offered two different routes through the haunted house – a terrifying one for the older students, and a tamer one for the elementary.

hollow2Later in the afternoon, the Student Council led the elementary students in a school-wide “trick or treat.” Teachers passed out candy and admired the little ones’ adorable array of costumes. The day ended with a bang – literally – as PAS Rock Band took the stage. The crowd sang along as they played covers of students’ favorite songs. By the time the last bell rang, both students and teachers were happily full of sugar, which is exactly the way every Halloween party should end.