THIMUN Singapore 2018
THIMUN Singapore 2018


On November 19, the ever-so-precious PD Day, 24 high schoolers representing the delegations of Iran, Myanmar, and the Netherlands, traveled to Singapore to attend the fourteenth annual THIMUN Singapore conference.

Each year, THIMUN Singapore is hosted by the Hwa Chong Institution with the purpose of educating students about worldly affairs and preparing them to become the leaders of tomorrow. From their lovely admin staffs to their hardworking leadership team, the conference was a definite success. Inside the committees, debate quality was persistently high as delegates remained diplomatic and found innovative ways to target and solve various world issues. For many of our own PAS delegates, THIMUN Singapore was not their first overseas conference, and they eagerly assumed leadership roles in committees whether it be as a chair, main submitter, or a delegate that led the debate. For many, THIMUN Singapore represented a huge achievement in their MUN careers and a conference that yielded many valuable learning opportunities. Lillian Shern (Grade 10) believed that THIMUN Singapore helped her understand aspects of MUN that she was previously unfamiliar with. She “learned that MUN is more than just a conference debating diplomacy issues, and instead, it’s also a psychological and physical warfare where you have to withstand the urge to shy away from speaking in front of so many delegates.” Indeed, THIMUN Singapore has remained a learning experience even for MUN veterans.

Beyond the conference, students explored Singapore’s dazzling city lights and hectic streets, while getting a taste the phenomenal food, beautiful architecture and rich culture. Salina (Grade 12) commented that “Singapore itself had a marvelous array of cuisine to offer— from local savories such as char kway teow to imported delicacies like authentic Italian gelato.”Of all the places PAS students went to, here are some favorites: Cuba Libre for exquisite Cuban cuisines, Clarke Quay Ollie Cafe for delicious burgers, Newton Food Center for traditional Singaporean street food, and The Big Cheese for custom Mac n Cheese. During the Singapore trip, PAS delegates truly lived up to the mantra of Mr. Buchser: “Work hard, but play harder.” 

From traveling abroad with friends, experiencing the vibrant culture of Singapore, and debating in the conference, this year’s THIMUN Singapore proved to be an incredible experience for all.

Thanksgiving 2018
Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving is one of the most treasured holidays in America. It is a day for friends and family to gather together and appreciate the many blessings we have received throughout the year.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, on November 22nd, STUCO held a Thanksgiving luncheon. As soon as the bell rang after the fourth period, the cafeteria was packed with students lining up for the roasted turkey and dishes provided by the Parents Association. There were various options for food including sushi, pasta, mashed potatoes, cakes, and many more. Julian Lin (Grade 7) even noted that “This is the best lunch [Julian] ever had in PAS!”

After lunch, our PAS rock band performed six songs that lightened up the crowd. Cindy Wei(11), a singer in the rock band, described the performance as a big challenge because the rock band originally only prepared two songs to perform. However, during the rehearsal the night before Thanksgiving, Ms. Pamela wanted the rock band to add 4 more songs. “Luckily, all of our members are talented enough to play the songs right away,” Cindy remarked. Additionally, the art crew decorated a bridge filled with thank you notes from students who wanted to express gratitude for their teacher’s hard work during the school year. 

To liven up the spirit even more, the PAS boys basketball team played against Tsing Hua University winning with a score of 40:29. It was an extremely competitive game where the upper hand constantly switched during the first two quarters. Willy Wang (Grade 11) described that he “was worried during the first half of the game because our scores were extremely close.” As the game continued, the PAS basketball team gradually widened the score gap and won with 11 more points. The boys basketball team performed remarkably and drew the event to a perfect end.

With the various events STUCO provided, students had a pleasant evening learning the true spirit of Thanksgiving – being thankful for those around them.