A visit to Bank of Sino PAC

We had a cozy evening together with Bank of Sino PAC to present Ms. Pamela’s new book! 很榮幸與聖艾拉讀書會和永豐銀的夥伴們分享校長的新書《放手讓孩子飛》

Chess Championship

非常恭喜Devin、Thomas、Justin、Tristen和Sam在全國學生象棋盃隊錦標賽中獲得第三名。 以你為榮!恭喜10年級Devin, Thomas, Justin, Tristen, Sam 榮獲全國學生盃西洋棋團體錦標賽季軍!

College of Design, Shih Chien University

We had a visit to College of Design, Shih Chien University. The design college consists of 4 departments, including Fashion Design, Architecture Design, Communications Design, and Industrial Design. The college participates extensively in international and domestic design competitions, exhibitions, and education-industry cooperative projects and have won many awards and recognitions! Through this visit, we are […]

Visit by Hung-an Kao

Yesterday, February 21, the Legislator, Hung-an Kao, visited our school. Our Head of School shared with the Legislator Kao PAS’s future education, emphasizing the importance of the applications and the skills needed on the real world projects as well as PAS’ dedication to the sustainable education, technology integration, and interdisciplinary focus of learning. Legislator Kao […]

PAS Digital Technology

Digital technologies are continually transforming the field of education. Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) can enhance classroom experiences and expand opportunities at all levels of learning. AR/VR technologies offer a wide range of capabilities to present information in more interactive ways than their two-dimensional counterparts.

Art & Design at PAS

PAS students who exhibit interest in art and design are able to choose from a rich array of courses, both in traditional and digital mediums. From photojournalism, fashion design, architecture design, to UI/UX design, PAS is the premiere destination for the artistically inclined.


As a school that places great emphasis on introducing the latest technology to our students, PAS was built as a smart campus and has been a long-time Google School. We bring digital means to learning and expose our students to robotics from an early age. Notably, PAS is a partner school for VEX, the premiere […]

Viewsonic Visit

It is our honors to greet Ms. Wen 溫美玉, Mr. Chu from Viewsonic, and 親子天下 to visit our school. Besides the presentation from Ms. Pamela, there were some students invited for student panels, sharing their learning experience at PAS

Upcycling Machine

PAS cares about the environment and promotes sustainable education through its curriculum and activities. There is even an upcycling lab where students can learn about the effect that waste plastic has on our planet and learn to give these plastics a new lease on life by upcycling them into attractive art or other functional everyday […]