Motion Sensor in Physical Science

Students in Physical Science class are learning about motion sensor. Teaching and learning is made more meaningful at PAS because teachers devote the time in designing engaging tasks and projects for our students.

High School Parents Workshop

Hosted by Parents Association, we had multiple High School parents workshops in the past few weeks, including college application workshop for G10/G11 parents, G9 Parents Meeting, and workshop for all K-12 new parents. Besides professional advices and insights provided by Ms. Pamela, students are also invited as panel speakers to share their experience. We hope […]

K & Elementary Preparing for Halloween

Kindergarten and Elementary school kids are making the piñata for Halloween! A piñata is a decorated container of paper or clay that contains candies, small toys, or nuts. It is popular in Mexican-American, as well as non-Hispanic populations. They are used for birthday parties and celebrations.

Sprit Week 2021

We had a very successful Spirit Week, a five-day event full of different challenges! Thank you so much PAS STUCO for hosting such great event for the entire student body. Spirit week included three main categories of events: dress up challenge, mini games, IG photo-challenge! Students divided into teams by their class and winners get […]

BNT Vaccination

BNT Vaccine Day at PAS! PAS and medical practitioners from Da’an hospital helped our students to get the vaccination yesterday. The process went well and safely. Students who get vaccinated, don’t forget to drink more water and consume more proteins!

Entrepreneurship Program

Interested in starting your own company? Working in venture capital? Consulting for new businesses? The summer Entrepreneurship Program exposes students to entrepreneurship management and aims to teach them how to build successful businesses. Students completed the Entrepreneurship Program by taking three courses that build upon one another in content and in difficulty. All courses within […]

Wacky Wednesday

Welcome to Elementary School Wacky Wednesday! Who is your favorite character?

Happy Birthday Ms. Pamela!

Happy birthday to our Head of School, Mrs. Pamela!!Senior students spent a couple hours secretly decorated Mrs. Pamela’s office after school and prepared a big birthday cake with her image on it. One of the art students, Tim drew a animation version of Mrs. Pamela as they decorated the flags and balloons. We wish Mrs. […]

Elementary After School Basketball

Elementary school basketball after school program started last week! In the program, the kids will learn in an international, fun, and motivating environment. Kids are trained by the coach who will guide each kids to his/her best potentials. Most importantly, we hope students translate the sports values learned in classes into their everyday lives!