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Asia Pacific of Georgia Tech Visit

Managing Director of Development, Asia Pacific of Georgia Tech, Shelton Chan, visited Pacific American School, exchanging ideas for the future education. Georgia Tech is one of the best STEM/Tech universities in the US and the world and Atlanta is ranked top one rising city of tech hub by World Economic Forum. It is our honors […]

Alumni Parents Sharing

Thanks to our Parent Association, we had a wonderful alumni parents sharing stories of their kids’ different ways of learning and growing process with our current parents. In this sharing, we have witnessed the fact that different kids have different ways of learning and different talents that should be recognized and respected. With enough support […]

PAS Ecosystem & AI Agriculture

At PAS, sustainability is our core attributes when it comes to school operation and student education.In one of our signature programs, Ecosystem and AI Agriculture, our experienced teacher in biology, and environmental science leads students into the study and research on how to design and build a sustainable eco garden on campus. For more updates,please […]

PAS Sustainable Project

In another PAS’ sustainable signature project on upcycling, students are taught the knowledge and techniques on plastic upcycling, learning about creative ways to reuse the plastic wastes, a major environmental problems in Taiwan, transforming them into new objects to be used with more practical value while protecting the environment by reusing the plastic wastes and […]

A Visit from MIT Alumni

It is our honors to have MIT Taiwan Alumni visit our school as a part of their two-day visit of Hsinchu science park, universities, and ITRI today. We had a relaxing lunch gathering with special guests from NYCU professor, Dr. Wen-LIang Chen, along with AgriTalk CFO, Patty Lee, to present the AI Agriculture. The Head […]

CAMP PAS/Field Trip

上週8/ It was our CAMP PAS last week on 8/24~8/26, it has been our school’s tradition for students of each grade(except for seniors) to start the new year of school life in a vibrant and colorful way to gather both retuning students and new coming students.For middle and high school students, they had a 3-day […]

ES Water Fight!!

Under the summer heat,nothing is better than a water game and kids are lovin’ it!By the way,it’s after they finished their math class,so …. study hard,play hard!

PAS Interact Club

Pandemic has impacted PAS Interact Club from its usual annual involvements in school 2021 – 2022. The giving of the certification of participation and the allowances sponsored by The Rotary Club to the PAS Interact Club for its service is done today to honor the Club’s efforts to help with the community. We are looking […]

2024 Pacific american school

Open House


Time: 14:00 - 16:00
Location: Pacific American School

2021 Open House

Dates 日期: 

2/6, 3/13, 4/10, 5/15, 6/5

Please call 03-5586688 if you have any questions.
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