Leadership is strongly emphasized at PAS. In order to strengthen students’ leadership ability, a week-long leadership camp with Camp Taiwan in Yan-Ming Shan, Taipei, is held every year for our secondary school students. Selected high school students are trained during the camp for leadership while the rest of the students learn to fit into a team through different activities.

The camp focused upon the development of leadership skills, with time also dedicated to cooperative and team building exercises. Developed originally by David Kolb, the concept of experiential learning explores the cylical pattern of all learning from Experience through Reflection and Conceptualizing to Action and on to further Experience. Kolb’s ELC (Experiential Learning Cycle) “highlights four phases: concerete experience, relfective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation. Each of these phases aligns with one of the four phases of the ELC. Kolb also indetifies four basic learning styles: diverging, assimilating, converging, and accommodation. Each style combines and uses different phases of the learning cycle.” A variety of leadership skills were developed through our adventure in Taiwan’s beautiful natural environment.

In Leadership Camp students also learn different survival skills including high rope courses, wall climbing, orienteering, river tracing, etc.  Professionally trained and certified staff are there to help all the students learn all the survival skills.

Besides, two days of ecology camp is available for the PAS elementary students from the 3rd to the 5th grades. Accompanied by the science teacher, this camp incubates both students’ ecological and team work learning.