Athletics is another crucial aspect of student life at Pacific American School. Through its sports program, the school offers opportunities for decision making and confidence building while learning fair play and teamwork. Pacific American School emphasizes the importance of teamwork, dedication, and perseverance through athletics. We hope our students develop an appreciation for their own talents and the talents of others.

At Pacific American School, a wide array of facilities allow for a a diverse range of athletic courses including track and field. Indoor and outdoor playgrounds and several activity centers add to recreational opportunities. The beautiful 200-meter track, soccer field, and basketball courts enhance the school campus while developing student athletic potential under professional instructors. The indoor swimming pool and badminton courts allow students to exercise even in bad weather. Pacific American School provides a stimulating environment to our children, both physically and intellectually.

Students may fulfill the physical education requirement through selection of programs in non-competitive athletic endeavors, competitive team sports or through a traditional physical education program. Students may also choose to select a combination of both of the above programs.