Pacific American School provides academic, emotional and social support for all students. Instructors strive to provide each student with the support and encouragement they need to deal with today’s fast-paced challenges. Monitoring each child’s development offers the opportunity to support the academic, emotional and social aspects of student growth.

Each teacher tracks the academic progress of students through referrals from other teachers, low exam score notices, delinquent homework notices, interim grades and progress reports. When a student is experiencing difficulties in any academic area, the school administration and teaching staff will help the student and parents to formulate a plan that is appropriate for each individual, drawing from a combination of academic and psychological resources.

Academic Services

  • Sheltered Content Program for Limited English Proficient Students
  • Adjustment to academic transitions
  • Remediation / Advancement Periods
  • Consultation for problem learning areas

Psychological & Emotional Services

  • Guidance, support and encouragement for student’s personal and academic goals
  • Parenting Classes/Workshops
  • Referral to Outside Resources for Long Term Needs
  • Intervention Counseling

College Counseling

The school has professional counseling resources and faculty to help Pacific American School students prepare for college. The diagnostic counseling services of the Center for Talented Youth from Johns Hopkins University are available to the school’s students in the form of academic and career guidance and assessment to aid them in determining which directions they might want to go in their higher education careers.

The school is proactive in establishing articulation agreements with universities abroad for the purpose of facilitating application and admission processes for students.

Presentation/Senior Portfolio Class includes coursework which helps to strengthen, students as they prepare for university. A counselor will assist them in applying to universities of interest.