Pacific American School is dedicated to a strong education in the arts, art history, aesthetics, and artistic critique for all grade levels. The art department faculty provides proficient and advanced exposure to drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, digital photography, graphic arts, and crafts. The high school curriculum includes Advanced Placement programs in three dimensional studio art, two dimensional studio art, and art history. We also offer non advanced placement high school courses in three dimensional studio art, two dimensional studio art, and art history.

Each year our students are involved in a variety of artistic activities.  Stage art, costumes, props, and design for our annual school play is a major production which has grown in scale and enthusiasm each year.  Our students have taken great pride and artistic initiative in a variety of holiday events, such as our Halloween charity fund raiser, and our Christmas performance. Many art and craft options are offered in our weekly club activities which have included, stop animation, crafts, drawing, photography, and elementary arts.  Additionally, each grade level is involved in the annual art exhibit showcasing student’s talent and the skills they have learned in their art classes.

Our facility includes two fully equipped art rooms, a computer room and WIFI for our art technology courses, a ceramics kiln with pottery wheels, and additional rooms are available for each student to pursue their creative endeavors.  Art history courses are taught in our auditorium with wide screen projections and stereo sound, as well as SMART board technology for presentations and interactive art activities.

Students from Pacific American School have been accepted to schools such as, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and The School of Visual Arts, Art Center College of Design, Pratt Institute, California College of Art, and Savannah College of Art and Design.  These schools and many other prestigious art colleges and universities have annual visitation to our campus to review portfolios and to help inspire our prospective high school art students.

Exposure to the arts helps students learn self expression and to value the creativity of others, but PAS also promotes that a strong education in the arts can help each student become more creative in other areas of academics.  Our art faculty teaches that the arts are not only fun, but also a major component to developing critical thinking skills by learning how to describe, interpret, and evaluate art.  Creativity and critical thinking are key factors for success in all academics and our art department provides a curriculum that nurtures our students to be creative, expressive, and successful citizens of the 21st century.