Greetings  from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Pacific American School (PAS). Thank you for showing your interests on the mathematics curriculum in PAS.

Mathematics is a branch of subject that not only emphasizes on arithmetic skills, but also requires high thinking skills and logical reasoning.  Mathematics prepares students to express the reasoning logically. The fundamental educational philosophy and methodology in our department are we do not focus on exam-oriented and solving skills. Rather, understanding the fundamental mathematical concept is emphasized. As an educator, we strongly believe that if the student understands the concept well, the student can apply their understanding in solving various problems in mathematics.

Creativity and Critical Thinking are factors that make the mathematics learning in PAS different from other schools. Students are constantly exposed with challenging question that opens their minds for new methods other than the method that introduced in the textbooks. Teachers in PAS are very experience in providing teaching method of “Thinking out of the box” so that students can reason more critically. Apart from that students are always encouraged to use different methods other than the methods to present in the book to tackle a particular problem. Class and peer discussion are highly encouraged so that students can learn from each other. Students are also encouraged to participate in the class actively and ask questions when they have problems during the class.

With the solid foundation in mathematics, it helps students in understanding the language structure of computer programming language, particularly in the concept of Object-oriented language for example Java. Students engage with the latest technology especially on applying computer programming language to design the computer software under the guidance of experienced teachers.  The computer laboratory and the IT facilities provide a learning environment that benefits students in terms of finding supplement information for their class materials.

Apart from the academics, interests on mathematics are also cultivated within the campus. Science and Mathematics Fair is held annually, which is a part of school wide activities. For elementary school students, they are required to present the idea in mathematics in front of their classmates. Middle and High School students will be presenting the idea of mathematics together with the Science/Maths Fair. Not only that PAS Mathematics Olympiad is also one of the annual events that organized by Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, which promote students’ interest on mathematics.

Mathematics education structured in PAS prepares our students to reason more logically, as well as thinking creatively in engaging challenges in their future. Of all that our mathematics education prepares our students to be more responsible and contribute themselves actively in this 21th centuries.