The objective of the Pacific American School’s English Department is to provide all students with the opportunity to fully develop their oral and written communication skills, their ability to analyze, evaluate and apply knowledge of how authors use a variety of techniques for rhetorical and aesthetic purposes, and their capacity to synthesize the complexities of textual data. English is a capacious and complex medium of communication. The study of correct language conventions and the development of a mature vocabulary are vital aspects in the study of English, enabling students to analyze, evaluate, and communicate their ideas with clarity, precision, and eloquence. The study of many types of writing exposes students to different writing styles, thought processes and methods of organization. In addition, the study of literature enriches students’ understanding of the various cultures of the world and allows them to examine their own thoughts and experiences measured against the universal ideas expressed in world literature. The process approach to the teaching of writing is standard practice in the PAS English Department. Simple phrases, single paragraphs, and complex essays are modeled and practiced, and students have writing folders in which they keep graded compositions and works in-progress. The course offerings in the English Department are sequentially arranged and include honors, regular, and ESL levels. All students must take and pass an English course each year. Advanced Placement English Language and Composition is available to eligible seniors as well. In addition, the school yearbook and newspaper (Typhoon Times) provide opportunities for students to develop sophisticated writing and editorial skills. Teachers in the English Department are encouraged to use a variety of teaching methods as well as a variety of assessment vehicles in order to accommodate the various learning styles of students.