The community of Pacific American School believes that every student has the right to an advanced education in order to survive and thrive in the knowledge-based economies of the 21st Century. Seniors will be prepared to compete for entrance to American colleges and universities and/or to function in English speaking environments.

We believe that preparation for an advanced education should begin in elementary school and be well developed in middle school. And all students in high school should have access to advanced placement programs.

We further believe that a rigorous curriculum and extra-curricular activities promote students’ critical thinking skills and help them to connect themselves to the world through the arts. The incorporation of the cutting-edge technology in student research, projects, and presentations is another essential element to guarantee student success in their academic, professional and personal lives.

We finally believe that all Pacific American School students should possess qualities of resilience and perseverance, master their passions and minds through self-discovery and life-long learning, play vital roles in team environments, serve their communities, and develop a sense of leadership and responsibility.