Pacific American School students enjoy a very active student life, with a Student Council that sponsors Spirit Days, school’s major activities and events, and runs the school store.

The school sponsors a number of co-curricular and extra curricular courses and organizations to develop students’ team work and leadership. Model United Nations program prepare our students for the MUN conferences in Singapore, the Hague, or the United States.

Sports are vigorous parts of student life in PAS. Students are encouraged to get into sportsmanship. There are different kinds of team sports for students to get involved. Swimming, tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball, running, and hockey are popular options for sports choices.

Extra-curricular activities allow students to pursue interests they already have or to explore new ones. Involvement with club activities enables students to participate as part of a team and learn about the mutual respect to each individual.

High school students are given liberty to organize their own clubs, which provides them good opportunities and trainings on establishment and operation of an organization. Team work and leadership is also learned and integrated in formation of a particular club.

Holloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are celebrated with different school activities while Sports Day, School Science Fair, School Math Olympiad, Spring Music Festival, Poetry Contest, Valentine Drawing Contest, and Talent Show remain as part of the school traditions.

Leadership and team work are emphasized through school activities, club participation, and sports involvement. A week long leadership camp is held every year in Yang-Min Shan’s Camp Taiwan for secondary school students to exercise team work and be trained as a leader.

Community service is an essential part of the high school student life. All the students from the 9th grade and up need to complete minimum 20 hours of Community Service as part of graduation requirement.