Academics are the core of Pacific American School’s programs. With a variety of academic challenges inside each classroom, Pacific American School is foremost a place of learning where our outstanding faculty and staff nurture the life of the mind, help our students discover and develop their distinctive talents, shape every student’s critical thinking, and encourage students to voice their own ideas.

Pacific American School addresses the needs of all students. We identify the learning needs of students, both at admission and thereafter and provide specific curricula and programs to meet those needs, within set parameters.

For students who need academic help, we offer remedial assistance routinely in their weekly schedule. For students with limited language ability, we offer sheltered programs to boost their content-based language learning. For exceptionally talented students, we offer advanced work to accomplish their ability.

Pacific American School collaborates with Johns Hopkins University’s CTY and Stanford University’s EPGY to fulfill our students’ potentials for advanced academic challenges. We feel proud to announce that currently one-third of our students passed the CTY test requirement, which reflects the value of the education at Pacific American School.

More detailed information is outlined in the kindergarten overview, grades 1-5 overview, grades 6-8 overview andgrades 9-12 overview.