The Great PAS Walk

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It was time for the yearly PAS bike ride. On Friday, January 8th, 2016, hundreds of red sweaters would have been seen cruising down the Hsinchu sea front. It wasn’t the abysmal Hsinchu weather with its eternal threat of rain that put pay to this much loved event; it was the tireless wheels of progress. The Nanliao Biking Route entrance was, and probably still is, under construction. Disaster?

s1 s2The eagerly awaited results were in. Would the student body decide to stay indoors or brave the extreme outdoors and walk / run a shorter route instead?

Friday afternoon, everyone piled onto the buses, heads were counted, and we were off. There had been a change in weather; the grey sky was there, but no rain! Miss Sherry led the surge of students towards the path. The sea of red sweaters slowly spread out. Students had their phones at the ready, never knowing when the perfect selfie would present itself.

That’s right, this wasn’t just a leisurely stroll, was a serious, competitive event. No PAS activity would be complete without selfies, but this time it was different, this time the selfies would be judged and a winner announced!
None of this could have happened safely without the brave office staff and teachers who volunteered to stand seemingly motionless, but ever watchful, at fixed points along the route. A special thank you has to go out to those handing out Snickers at the end of the course.

And the winning selfie, taken by selfie expert Tiffany Chen is…

Science fair at PAS for the year 2015- 2016

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s1 The Science Fair project journey began five months prior to the actual day of the fair. It all started with an orientation to the students. On that day, students were given general instructions about the requirements for the projects. Followed by that, they were given a week to choose their team of 3 members providing them an avenue to work collaboratively, exchanging and incorporating each other’s ideas. Middle School students had an option of choosing their projects either in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences or Earth Science. The High School students had a wider range of categories to choose from such as Psychology, Computer Science, Statistics, Social Science or any of the four Sciences. The groups met with their mentor teachers on a regular basis who guided and motivated them to be focused in their projects.

s3 s2

This year, the Science Fair was held on the 3rd February 2016. Science fair boards were placed in hallways designated for each category. Students had tastefully displayed their projects along with the scientific methodology followed by them and their findings.

Students were judged by a team comprising of guest judges who are professionals in various fields of Science and our very own PAS faculty. This year, the judges were focused more on determining the depth of understanding of concepts, creativity and research skills.

s5Students were also motivated to have a purpose behind their projects. Elementary students were commended for their creative and interesting projects. “ Self – deception”, “Anti- microbial properties of kitchen condiments”, “Harmless extractions of silk”, “ Can pain be distracted?”, “Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by turning part of milk into casein ”, “Which windmill design will work most efficiently? ” were some of the projects that stood out as creative, well presented and purpose driven projects. The entire student body and staff of PAS are commended for their effort in making this annual Science Fair Project event a meaningful learning expedition.



Rebecca Devadoss

HOD, Math and Science

2015 PAS Christmas Performance

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2015 PAS Christmas Performance

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Carl Johnson, dressed up as Darth Vader and Jeff Buscher, dressed up as Yoda, hosted the 2015 PAS Christmas Performance. They were nervously funny and shared amusing childhood memories in between performances and raffle drawings. Pamela Chu even partook in the festivities by digging deep down in the pile of raffle tickets for the next lucky winner. If you weren’t feeling so lucky, you still had your chance to sit on Santa’s lap and snap some pictures and tell Jolly Old Saint Nicholas your Christmas list, before he returned back up north


The Christmas Performance was full of excitement from all grades showing off their unique talents. The Elementary stole our hearts with their dancing and cute little monster costumes. Grade 6 competed in a dance off between the sexes, after Sherry finished yelling at them to finish their homework. Grade 8 mesmerized the crowd with their freestyle hip hop fancy footwork, slides, kicks, and crotch grabs. In between dance routines, the Jimmy Fallon Show presented Miley Cyrus, spread out on a couch licking a hammer and teaching the host of the Night Show how to grind his booty, which led to the host’s fatal heart attack. Grade 9 gyrated, dime stopped, glided, and freaked out to pop, hip hop and electronic music. Grade 10 energized the audience with their nostalgic Rock and Roll Through the Ages performance.


PAS clubs also took part in demonstrating their strengths. The cheerleaders choreographed dance steps and cheers and chants, basket tosses through the air, flyers, jumpers, pirouettes, pyramids, tumbling, jumping, splits, twirls, spins, and somersaults. The audience came alive clapping and waving their arms in the air when the Rock Band jammed out,with two tunes, one in  Chinese 聽見下雨的聲音 Tīngjiàn xià yǔ de shēngyīn and the other in English, Drag Me Down. The Folk Music Club enlightened our knowledge and enthusiasm of world music by strumming and fingerpicking guitars and singing a song from Buena Vista Social Club.


The office staff surprised us all, swimming out on stage in their bikinis and muscles flexed, showing off their delicate synchronized routines with sculpted bodies, until, out of nowhere, a shark took out Swim Master Frank. Quick to the rescue, Baywatch Beauty, Carol gave Frank CPR. No response from Frank, Lifeguard Carol was ready and willing to pucker up and give Mister Frank mouth-to-mouth, from out of nowhere, Frank raised up and ran away.

The Christmas Performance ended with the audience laughing and crying with Grade 12’s realistic portrayal of the chief, Pamela, hunched over yelling and screaming at seniors for their pathetic academic abilities, while all things SAT, Mr. Louis stumbled and fumbled giving out instructions. A great performance from all and to all a good night!


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!




PAS Thanksgiving Luncheon Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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thanksgivingA good time was had by all at the annual PAS Thanksgiving Luncheon Wednesday, November 25, 2015.  PAS’s full complement of many hungry students were on hand for a sumptuous buffet served by PAS staff with the help of many hard-working, hospitable parents who really got into the spirit of this quintessential American holiday.  Besides pounds of steaming cutlets of turkey smothered in gravy and topped with tangy cranberry sauce, there were dozens and dozens of pizzas on hand, and trays and trays of noodles, sticky rice, pork, sushi wraps, curried dumplings, shrimp, crab, scallops, and thick slices of warm bread redolent of raisins and walnuts.  After the main course, students, teachers, staff and parents alike piled their holiday plates high with petit fours of all colors, shapes, sizes and flavors, as well as generous slices of cheesecake, a panoply of cookies, and fresh oranges and other fruits.  “Yummy!” was the word of the day!

thanksgiving1A good time was had by all at the annual PAS Thanksgiving Luncheon Wednesday, November 25, 2015.  PAS’s full complement of many hungry students were on hand for a sumptuous buffet served by PAS staff with the help of many hard-working, hospitable parents who really got into the spirit of this quintessential American holiday.  Besides pounds of steaming cutlets of turkey smothered in gravy and topped with tangy cranberry sauce, there were dozens and dozens of pizzas on hand, and trays and trays of noodles, sticky rice, pork, sushi wraps, curried dumplings, shrimp, crab, scallops, and thick slices of warm bread redolent of raisins and walnuts.  After the main course, students, teachers, staff and parents alike piled their holiday plates high with petit fours of all colors, shapes, sizes and flavors, as well as generous slices of cheesecake, a panoply of cookies, and fresh oranges and other fruits.  “Yummy!” was the word of the day!

thanksgiving2After the delectable Thanksgiving repast, students and faculty adjourned to the sixth floor for the traditional PAS rooftop dodgeball tournament.  They were greeted by partly cloudy skies and warm temperatures, and many were eager to show off their dodgeball skills and burn off those extra Thanksgiving calories.  Many middle- and high-school boys and girls did their best to twist, turn, duck, crouch, shimmy, sidle, swivel, pivot, somersault, and otherwise dodge spheres that seemed to sometimes be thrown at up to 90 miles an hour (as they are in professional baseball in America).  Bravo to all those who participated—including some teachers—and everyone at PAS looks forward to another spirited competition next year!

Halloween at PAS

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hollowBlack lights and bloody, severed limbs greeted students as they entered PAS on Halloween morning. Excitement filled the air as morning classes came to an end, and students began getting ready for the annual school costume contest. A panel of judges sat at the end of a long red carpet as students showed off all manners of cute and creepy costumes. Ninjas, Pacmen, princesses, zombies, and pieces of sushi mingled and chatted while waiting for their turn to walk the red carpet. Students and teachers alike strutted their stuff, while onlookers cheered for their favorite costumes.

hollow1After the costume contest, students participated in games organized by the Student Council, as well as a haunted house. The Student Council even offered two different routes through the haunted house – a terrifying one for the older students, and a tamer one for the elementary.

hollow2Later in the afternoon, the Student Council led the elementary students in a school-wide “trick or treat.” Teachers passed out candy and admired the little ones’ adorable array of costumes. The day ended with a bang – literally – as PAS Rock Band took the stage. The crowd sang along as they played covers of students’ favorite songs. By the time the last bell rang, both students and teachers were happily full of sugar, which is exactly the way every Halloween party should end.

Track and Field

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Track and Field

For three hot days in September, 2015, the PAS Track and Field team braved the extreme temperatures, and put their hearts into doing battle against the athletic hoard of Hsinchu’s school district. The venue was Hsinchu Municipal Stadium. Did I mention it was hot? When not competing, the team would hurry into the shade to escape this giant suntrap.

trackand  trackand1

The team featured long time members and new blood. Led by their ever determined captain Phoebe Lee, they ran, jumped and threw in many of the events. PAS competed in the relay races, hurdles, 100m dash, 200m dash, 5000m and 10000m long distance races, the long jump, and the shot put. Before each event nerves took hold of the team, but this was soon replaced by excitement and the determination to do well. Although the team didn’t gain any medals this year, everyone of them should be proud of themselves and their teammates for competing so well.


2016 Camp

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Students competing in the field day, “Shoe Game.”

Imagine 200+ students running and screaming.  Now imagine those same 200 students, still running and screaming, while ALSO learning the importance of team spirit and leadership through a series of fast-paced competitions and engaging outdoor activities.  This is how we would describe Camp PAS 2015:  an opportunity for all of our upper-level students to be challenged to grow and gain important leadership skills through Experiential Learning.


campThis year’s Camp PAS took place in Kenting Resort (小墾丁渡假村).  Activities included snorkeling, hiking, and a school-wide field day.  Through these activities, students met Kolb’s definition of the Experiential Learning Cycle: learning through experience, reflecting and making goals for improvement, and then carrying out these improvements to achieve new aspirations.

The highlight of the camp, the school’s yearly team talent show, also helped students learn the importance of taking risks.  The show gave students a chance to show off their skills in front of a supportive audience while being accompanied by an impressive light show.  The professional camp leaders also put on their own performance, even inviting a group of Minions on the stage.camp1

In all, Camp PAS was once again a wonderful opportunity for students to gain important life skills while also learning the importance of their school family and fun.

THIMUN The Hague 2015

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The 2015 THIMUN Hague Conference was an exciting event for the students who participated in it. Among the students sent from PAS, 16 out of 17 represented delegates of the Republic of Botswana and senior Kara Hu was assigned to be the President of the Security Council. Students who attended this conference not only showed their passion for Model United Nations but also performed as leading participants on issues affecting African nations. This year in The Hague, delegates mainly focused on the issue of the continuation of the Millennium Development Goals, seeing as this crucial global project is coming to an end in 2015. In addition, delegates discussed other global issues such as affordable financial services as a tool for human development and economic growth, strengthening the help to displaced persons in post-conflict zones, the question of Tokelau, and eradicating the use of highly enriched uranium (HEU) for civilian purposes as a means to limit availability of nuclear materials to terrorists, and tried their best to change each situation. These delegates spent time and effort with 3,500 other students from all around the globe and left the conference with not only joy but also satisfaction about what they had done in the past week. In addition to the conference, which took up five days of the week, participants also traveled around the Netherlands, visiting gorgeous sites such as Amsterdam, Delft, and the downtown of The Hague.


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To its attendees from Pacific American School, the Concordia International School Model United Nations (CISSMUN) will always be a memorable experience. CISSMUN usually marks the first international conference students from PAS go to and for a few others, it is also their first opportunity being a student officer. Upon arriving in Shanghai, the delegates found that the day was already packed with activities from visiting the Communist Museum to touring the Yuyuan Garden and first from eating an afternoon “snack” at the Nanxiang Steamed Bread Store to dinner with former PAS teacher, Ms. Christine Padachie, at an elite, high-end restaurant beside the Bund. The next day, armed with resolutions in their right hand and delegation placards in the left, the delegates were ready to tackle global issues as empowered thinkers. There were a myriad of topics from empowering women to ending the crisis in Ukraine. Many of the new delegates were astonished by the sheer size of the conference itself. As the delegate of Bangladesh in General Assembly Committee 1, Alan Syau described, “It was my first international conference, so I was surprised to see how big my committee was and the debate was pretty heated and hanging out with friends after put the cherry on top.” Students Howard Yin and Sean Hu, however, received the opportunity to participate as student officers in a substantially larger conference and the experiences they were able to obtain were just as valuable. Yet for the most part, the conference gave the students much more than simply participating in MUN. Memories for CISSMUN will forever be carved in stone and it is certain that the conference will continue to offer great memories for future delegates.


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On the 25th to 26th of October 2014, several students from PAS participated in the 10th annual HSINMUN hosted by the International Bilingual School at Hsinchu-Science Park, otherwise known as IBSH. Of the 21 students from PAS participating, there were two ICJ judges and one student officer. This year, PAS delegates were honored to represent the Republic of Korea, Sweden, the Syrian Arab Republic, and the United Kingdom. The students of PAS met with delegates from all over Taiwan from different schools including TAS, IBSH, AST, HAS, Tainan First Senior High, Kang Chiao, and many more. The conference started out with students pouring into the auditorium, and the Secretariat’s address to the body, followed by a speech from the guest speaker Nicolas V. Chen. Advisers Mr. Gareth Manning, Mr. Alexandros Vassilakis, and Dr. Gerald Blaney said they especially enjoyed the guest speaker’s enlightening speech about the United Nations during the opening ceremony. After the opening ceremony, students scattered around to their separate committee rooms and began debating.

As part of HSIMUN’s 10th anniversary, the officer team had worked to introduce a General Assembly Plenary, Security Council exclusive-crisis, and an International Court of Justice committee. In the Security Council, the delegates of UK and Syria debated on the issues regarding Ukraine and South Sudan. Afterwards the committee debated the crisis regarding ISIS expansion in cooperation with the THIMUN-affiliated Online Model United Nations organization (O-MUN), where delegates in the room debated with other delegates across the world—even with a delegate of ISIS. Delegates in the Human Rights Council expressed their views on the right to privacy in light of online security surveillance by governments and passenger rights in light of transportation accidents. In GA3, co-chair Angela Liu was the expert chair on the issue of the Syrian refugee crisis. ICJ judges Howard Yin and Sean Hu provided verdicts on the Australia v. Japan case regarding whaling in the Antarctic. Delegates in other committees conveyed their excitement in debating with their fellow delegates and passing resolutions.

Sure enough, after two long days of debating, delegates headed to the auditorium to attend the closing ceremony. PAS delegates exchanged stories of their experiences and mingled with their fellow committee members, snapping photos and recalling the events from the two days. Overall, the HSINMUN experience was rewarding; not only did they learn more about major global issues, but also made enduring friendships with their fellow delegates as well as student officers.